ASUS ‘new router looks like the Chancellor’s Office

ASUS has introduced a new router, which looks suspiciously for the Chancellery in Berlin. And that is synonymous already washing machine. Be that as it may. An important design feature at Blue Cave is the large characteristic hole in the middle. It is an AC2600 dual-band WiFi router with support for IFTTT and Alexa. The design is designed in such a way that even with a lot of logged in devices a stable connection is promised. The antennas are located on the top, the motherboard (Intel) is located in the base / floor. ASUS promises liquid 4K stream and for security, there is the security program AiProtection, which is to protect especially iOT and Smarthome devices from hacks. It is not yet clear when Blue Cave will officially appear. The price is about 180 dollars (160 euros).



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