Telekom: brevity waiting for the technician

TelekomTelecom engineer – Compared with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung promised Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges that long waits soon be a thing of the telecom engineer of the past. The company aims to significantly improve the necessary for many Internet connections service.

Nuisance telecom engineer

“Our customers should not have to wait all day for our engineers and for that in doubt even have to sacrifice a vacation,” said Deutsche Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. The necessary steps have already been initiated, the company target was to limit the waiting time for the technician to a few hours.

“I would like to promise two or three hours,” said Timotheus Höttges. However, there is currently at Telekom still confusion as to whether this time leave is actually realized. Of the problems of many customers, the manager’s own statements to know, however, “I have every day about ten complaints I even answer.”

50 Mbit/s bis 2018

Less positively, the Telekom boss to the objectives of the federal government, all German households manifests be submitted by the end of 2018. Internet speeds of at least 50 Mbit / s. “Until the end of 2018 we will aim to achieve the most part,” he says. “Through long approval process, actions of our competitors and discussions in Brussels we have in terms of our own expansion plans, lost more than half a year.” Compared to other countries, Germany has, however, in supplying the surface front nose.

A shorter waiting time for the Telekom technicians and other improvements of the service promised in April in charge of the business transformation service manager Ferri Abolhassan.



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