ARM presents the new Cortex-A75 and A55 CPUs and the Mali-G72 GPU

ARM has today introduced the new range of CPUs and GPUs to suit the models currently used in most SoCs used in smartphones. These are two CPUs, Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55, and the Mali-G72 GPUs that should feature the next-generation chipsets.

Cortex-A75 is designed for high-end products, with a 20% increase in performance compared to the Cortex-A73 CPUs, while delivering high energy efficiency. Cortex-A55 CPUs also provide a 20% improvement over current processors, while improving energy efficiency.

The new CPUs are the first to be able to leverage DynamIQ technology, which allows up to 8 cores in each single cluster with combinations between the two CPUs that can vary depending on the specific needs. Previously, the big.LITTLE system was used to unify the different architectures in a narrower way. The new CPUs are based on the ARMv8.20A architecture that will make it impossible to use them with current CPUs, based on the ARMv8-A architecture.

Small innovations are introduced by the new Mali-G72 GPU, which in any case offers improved energy efficiency by 25% and the ability to accommodate more cores on the same surface than the previous models. If the optimal number of Mali-G71 GPUs was 16-20 for mobile devices, then you can now use up to 32 core of the new Mali-G72, for even higher graphics performance.

The first SoCs to use the new CPUs should arrive in the market between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, and their commercial applications should arrive in the first months of next year.



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