Swiss watch caricature Apple watch design


With H. Moser & Cie one has humor. The new Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz may have a strange name, but the design is very familiar. Correct: Apple Watch. Only this is not a smartwatch but simply a clock. Of course noble. And art. And humor. And highly limited to only 20 pieces. We guess times, the company will probably not get any trouble with Apple. Even if the announcement really hairy bordered on an impertinence.

“At first sight, you could confuse them with a Smartwatch in standby mode. But look a little closer, so you can see on closer inspection, a lively watch with heart and soul: the Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz by H. Moser & The dial of this now iconic model does not show indices or logo and proves that true luxury is unmistakable and immediately identifiable – even without eye-catching trademarks.
The Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz by H. Moser & Cie. Represents the look of a Smartwatch that is off or in standby mode and proudly displays this ambiguity. … This model has no user interface: the Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz was designed to display the time – and that makes it in a very nice way. It seems simple, but it is anything but the …



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