Galaxy S8 (Plus): Update optimizes Bluetooth and fixes errors

Galaxy S8 update fixes bugs – The current Samsung flagship Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus are only about a month in stores. Even now it seems about time that some system errors need to be ironed out. The update also includes the security patch from May 1 First branding free devices has also been updated in this country.

Galaxy S8: update fixes bugs

Only about a month after the Galaxy S8 (Plus) – Release rolls Samsung made a first major update. The approximately 615 megabyte file contains besides the usual system adjustments and the security patch from May 1 First owner of the devices without branding in Germany have already received the update.

The patch contains a number of improvements and optimize the Bluetooth connection. It is not therefore a new version of Android. For all telecom and Vodafone customers the update is likely to follow in the coming days.

Optimization for SD cards and Bluetooth

According to the changelog, among others, the Bluetooth connection for the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 is brought S8 plus on the current state and stabilized. Some owners of the devices had complained that when connected Bluetooth speakers this rebooted itself. During music playback is controlled by the smartphone, this issue should have occurred.

At the same time, the update will also provide a better stability of the system, especially if external SD cards are used. Apparently, the update does not resolve all the current problems. Some users continue to complain about disconnections in wireless networks and an unreliable message LED. As usual with a large update to download a stable Internet connection (WLAN) and a fully charged battery should be used.



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