IPhone: Apple should work on its own AI chip

iPhone: Apple to work on its own AI chip

Apple is working on a chip for artificial intelligence. The reports Bloomberg, citing an anonymous source. The internally as “Apple Neural Engine” designated chip for example, could take over the face or voice recognition – and at the same time extend the battery life.

The Neural engine would take over tasks that previously burdening the main processor and the GPU. With its own tailored to chip could requirements that need artificial intelligence, such as voice and face recognition, can be calculated quickly and efficiently. This would also have a positive effect on the battery life of the iPhone.

The way to shift functions on special chips, Apple is treading already in the sensor data acquisition. To this, the coprocessors of the M-Series look. For its new Bluetooth headset, the Apple Watch and the fingerprint scanner in the MacBook Pro, Apple has developed its own chips.

Apple invested heavily in AI – as well as the competitors Google, Microsoft and Amazon. In mid-May Apple bought Lattice Data, a specialist in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Lattice Data focused on so prepare unstructured data that they can be evaluated applications and algorithms.

It is also the realm of possibility that Apple already imagine the AI ​​chip for smartphones and tablets to its developers conference WWDC in early June.



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