An epidemic shows the evolution of apps over time, from IBM’s IBS to Snapchat

Smartphones, as well as applications, have certainly changed a lot over the years, improving and becoming more sophisticated, to become the full devices we currently use. For this reason, the history of application development goes hand in hand with that of the devices in which they are installed.

Did you know that the first real mobile applications arrived in the year 1994 on IBM‘s Simon? Although this gadget, a predecessor to modern smartphones, could not install applications, there were numerous pre-installed users: a calculator, a clock, a news reader, and even a far-off Google Maps antenna. Virtually a complete suite.

From that moment on, applications have begun to grow, grow, and no longer stop: downloading an application today is a trivial task, just open the reference store, scroll through the list of titles and choose from all the content Software that most engages us. Few moments and the application is installed on the device, ready to be used.

The Techaheadcorp site has created an epidemic that effectively shows the evolution of applications on mobile devices from early to modern times to the latest Snapchat updates.



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