Far Cry 5: release trailer and date released

Far Cry 5: release trailer and date released

As announced, Ubisoft has released the release trailer for Far Cry a few minutes ago. In addition to this, there was not only a release date, but also more information and trailers on individual characters in the game.

Numerous information about Far Cry 5

The official release for Far Cry 5 will take place on February 27, 2018 for all supported platforms PC, Xbox and PS4. The game moves the plot to the North American continent, or more precisely to the fictional Hope County in the state of Montana.

For the protagonist, adversary will be a religious sect with the character Joseph Seed, called “The Father”. The community is called “Eden’s Gate”, causing a lot of unrest in the county, which creates a resistance front, the member of which is the player. This is supposed to be a deputy of the police. However, he is still open to what extent he takes part in the events in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 is designed by the same team who was also responsible for Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. The focus on Open-World will be maintained. For the first time, however, the player should be able to complete the entire game in co-op mode.

The Resistance: Character Trailer

Almost more exciting than the first real trailer are the performances of some characters of the “resistance” – also in video form. These include pastor Jerome Jeffries, bartender Mary May and pilot Nick Rye:

Also new is the possibility to play either a man or a woman and to determine the skin color of the protagonist. In a “Buddy Recruitment” system, the player is supposed to help build the resistance to religious fanatics. It will be possible to control aircraft. Even animals will give it as a companion, this time even a dog. Even more details about the game betray Ubisoft in another video.



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