Consumers are calling for ban on the Telekom Stream On option

Prohibition of Telekom Stream On option – The Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband calls on the Federal Network Agency to ban the Stream On option offered by Telekom. The consumer protectionists see the network neutrality injured and fear disadvantages for consumers.

Prohibition of Telekom Stream On option

The Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (Federal Network Agency) is calling for a ban on the StreamOn option recently introduced by Telekom. Consumers are in the process of breaching the grid neutrality. In the long term, the supply could lead to disadvantages for consumers and lead to higher prices.

“The Stream On business model of Deutsche Telekom violates the network neutrality. It reduces long-term freedom of choice for consumers in streaming services, leads to higher mobile phone prices and has a negative effect on innovations. Therefore, the Federal Network Agency should ban the offer “, explains Florian Glatzner, media expert at vzbv.

Stream On option of the Telekom

Since April customers of the Telekom can book the Stream On options and use music and video streams of different partner companies without consumption of the data volume contained in the tariff. The vzbv criticizes the fact that the option causes the resolution of video streams – even those that are not provided by a Stream On partner – to be permanently reduced.

“It can be worthwhile for consumers in the short term if the use of videos is not calculated on their inclusive volume. Then this must also apply to all video offers and may not prefer individual providers. In principle tariffs are desirable, which from the outset provide sufficient data volume at a reasonable price, “says Florian Glatzner.

The Stream On option means that smaller vendors can not hold their own in the market, and this is determined by the big companies: “The registration process for partner services in the Stream On tariff offers administrative, financial and financial support for smaller foreign and European streaming providers Linguistic hurdles. This will restrict freedom of choice for consumers in the future. This means that few suppliers determine the market, and therefore also content and prices. ”
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