Soon there will be Android Wear 2.0 for 2nd generation Moto 360


A few computer watches got Android Wear 2 as the Wearable OS appeared in April. Strangely, the Moto 360 was not there. The company, however, promised an update by the end of May – and then nothing happened.

Android Wear 2.0 has a new user interface that works better on tiny screens. It reduces the number of clicks and swipes required. In addition, a play store can now be accessed directly on the device: Wear apps can be installed directly from the clock to the clock. Especially the integration of Google Assistant as a language input and assistance system made the update interesting – and Moto 360 buyer impatient.

“At the end of May, they said,” Joshua Fuentes, an unobtrusive YouTube streamer at Twitter, blabbed, “I bet we will not get it, we’re still waiting for Wear 2.0 @Moto @Moto_Support I just say …”

The Motorola social team was not lazy and answered the otherwise inconspicuous comment with an exclusive message: “We are pleased to announce that AndroidWear 2.0 is being phase-shifted to second-generation Moto 360, maybe even today.”

But again clearly: The update is only available for the second generation of the Moto 360, who owns a Moto 360 Sport, goes first empty. Whoever owns the first generation of Moto 360 will never get an update.



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