HTC Link wants to enable high-end VR with a mobile phone


For VR-interested people, there are currently two possibilities: Either the cardboard / gear cheap solution, in which a mobile phone generates and displays the VR pictures. Or the hundreds of Euros Rift / Vive / HoloLense number with a suitable high-performance computer. This is not really a choice.

As the HTC Link comes into play, a hybrid system, which should allow handsome VR also with mobile phone budget. HTC Link connects to a smartphone – the current top model U11 -, but has its own screen. There is complete motion detection with six degrees of freedom one of a two-by-two-meter area in space.

Furthermore the device is to be wireless – and this, although it is connected with the mobile phone and an external camera. This is possible, among other things, because the link does not use controllers like the Vive, but lights that are detected by the external sensor.

The screen of the link is an AMOLED with 3.6 inch diagonal and 1080 × 1200 pixels resolution and a 90 Hz refresh rate – like the Oculus Rift and the Vive.

The catch: This is the first time in Japan.



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