Andy Rubin could present his smartphone on May 30th

The time of the smartphone  Essential , a startup created by a founder of Android  Andy Rubin seems to have finally come. In recent months there have been few leaked information on your smartphone and just recently we have seen a partial preview of what could be the smartphone’s appearance.

Following what seems to be the trend of 2017, the smartphone Andy Rubin , call it as well as it is not leaked any information on possible name, you should have reduced frames to a minimum, at least three out of four, although they are not excluded sensational surprises.

In a tweet posted on its official account, the company announced that next May 30 , probably during the  Code Conference of  Recode , announce something big. Difficult, therefore, not think about the presentation anticipated smartphone should use a 5.5-inch display, a case made of fine materials and, perhaps, the ability to add some modules, including spiccherebbe a 360-degree camera.

There are therefore a few days to the likely announcement of one of the most exciting smartphones of 2017. What do you think? The comments box is at your disposal.



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