Practice simplifies and optimizes the management of workstations

Praim simplifies and streamlines management of workstations

Today, the digital revolution is changing significantly the approach to work, with the increasingly massive introduction of mobile devices and applications, allowing connectivity and operation at any time and place.

As a result, the need to update faster and faster IT infrastructure and insert within the new organizations applications, often from multiple vendors, making it more and more complex the management of workstations. In addition, with the consolidation of cloud computing, often used in Italy in hybrid mode, to be able to keep constantly updated connections and be able to deploy rapidly and now it depends applications is a key requirement.

To help companies in the successful migration and creation of efficient cloud environments, Praim offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for the definition and management of flexible, secure and scalable workstations. The products included are: the ThinMan management console, the ThinOX4PC software and Agile and Thin & Zero Client solutions.

ThinMan allows to perform management and maintenance operations in a programmed manner and thanks to the profiling system is in automatic mode can administer even the most heterogeneous groups of devices and users. Thanks to the simple user interface and context menus you can make power up, power down, update, control and remote assistance, all from a single instrument.

ThinMan also offers an advanced profiling of devices and users for automated execution of all console operations, facilitating the work of system administrators and implementing a solid business continuity measures for the workstations.

The management functionality and remote control devices can be extended to a PC-type devices converted to thin clients thanks to ThinOX4PC software, or PC with Windows operating system they are installing the Praim Agile solution.

The new release of Agile , the software solution installed on Windows devices, is available as a feature Agile Mode in all solutions Thin Client Praim Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows 10 IoT, and is also installed on PCs running the Windows operating systems 7 and Windows 10, for maximum flexibility and facilitate all operations of access to applications and resources without any risk of tampering devices. Agile simplifies access and enforcement of local and external resources, and the user has access to information dedicated to him, through a simple interface, which provides a user experience similar to that of a smartphone.

ThinOX4PC is a software solution designed to convert PCs into thin clients and benefit from all the advantages of user experience and management experience, without the need to purchase new hardware. The IT department no longer need to use multiple management tools, using a stable, unified platform, safe and lightweight.

The Thin & Zero Client solutions include a wide range of devices optimized for accessing VDI and cloud infrastructure and ensure high performance features, a compact design, energy content and rapid return investment from consumption.

“In a hectic period characterized by constant technological change, it is important to provide certainty to IT managers. This is one of our responsibilities, to support companies to simplify desktop management and device, “explains Stefano Bonmassar, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Praim . “With our range of solutions we want to optimize time and resources of our customers, allowing them to focus on core business activities, with an agile, fast, high-performance.”



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