What can the Nokia 3310 actually do?

Yes, the Nokia 3310 is a hype-phone. Why have we already understood only half of the performance. Nostalgia is nice, but it is also painful, as a look behind the scenes of the just released retro classic shows in new edition.

For about 60 euros you get though a cute phone, but you should be aware that you can make calls with it best. The display with a resolution of 320×240 is not fun, the camera with 2 megapixels and nothing you could use even for social media. But since you do not really get to anyway.

There is an FM radio, an MP3 player, you can install MP3 ringtones and even play videos, but had better come from your own camera (rather ugly) because the import is rather inconvenient because it only 3GP in reduced format accepted. After all, there is a MicroSD on which to place or MP3s else.

The browser is a Opera Mini WAP browser, almost all Web pages appear on the after garbage. But until one is ever arrived at the websites, eh Hours pass, because the data on the 2.5G connection must come. WiFi does not exist naturally. An import of contacts is also more complicated because nowadays transported contacts flat rather than Google or iOS than they somehow get a VCF Export-Import. And does anyone know phone numbers by heart?



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