Where to go with the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8?

Wo kommt der Fingerabdrucksensor auf dem iPhone 8 hin?


A new day, new rumors to the iPhone 8. These photos are as so often from China and show “for the first time” on the basis of a dummy how Apple could place the fingerprint sensor. Namely, on the back of the phone.

With Android devices is nothing special. You can keep what you want: when it comes to the iPhone, the scream is great, because it would mean a paradigm shift. If the sensor moves to the back, the reasoning, would usability suffer, because one had to take the phone first in order to activate the sensor. Given. Much more alarming is the fact that the antenna strips are still on the iPhone 7 stand (not sexy) and the front despite large display and narrow frame now definitely looks like a mashup from Samsung and Huawei. After all, the placement of the TouchID sensor coincides with information on the housing of the upcoming iPhone from last month. The good news is that everything can be quite different. Because Apple is experimenting with several designs when it comes to a new product, it is clear and which then as Leak lands in the net more due to chance.

But the integration of the fingerprint sensor on such a designed front face is difficult or impossible. The S8 from Samsung proves this. Output: uncertain. Everything else would be a pity. It should remain exciting until the presentation.



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