The newest drone of DJI is called Spark and is small

DJi zeigt eine neue Drohne namens Spark


With the Spark, DJI shows for the first time a really small drone, which fits into the “Lifestyle” category. This is not just about the size, but also, and above all, the control: Spark can be controlled completely with gestures and can be started from the hand. We were prepared.

The fact that good drones from DJI do not have to be great, the manufacturer proved only last October with the Mavic Pro. With the Spark, DJI goes one step further. Not only the start is practically automatic, also the operation and control during the flight can be done completely with gestures. The so-called “PalmControl” mode detects hand movements and then translates them into flight movements. This allows specific maneuvers to be carried out – for example, backward flying – but also selfs can be taken in this way. The “Quick Shot” function is a collection of “flight presets”, with which also good videos should succeed:

– “Dronie” makes the Spark backwards.
– In the “Circle” mode, the Spark rotates around its target.
– In Helix mode, the spark spirals upwards.
– “Rocket” lets the Spark climb steeply.

The camera from Spark focuses automatically on the target object and produces ten-second videos, which can then be tipped into the social networks. If that is not enough, the Spark can also take advantage of all the previous shooting modes, while also benefiting from two new ones: panorama shots and a kind of bokeh effect called the DJI “ShallowFocus”. The camera sensor takes photos with 12 megapixels and records videos in 1080p. Any wobbler is stabilized by a 2-axis gimbal and DJI‘s UltraSmooth technique. The battery is to guarantee flights of up to 16 minutes.
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If you want a bit more thrill, access the optional remote control, which can activate the sports mode and a speed of 50 km / h. The remote is also the video transmission from up to 2 kilometers away is ensured.

Spark costs 600 euros. DJI also offers the “Fly More Combo” for 800 euros. There is then the remote control, propeller protection, an extra battery, charger and a bag to it. Spark will be available from mid-June, and pre-orders are already being accepted.

Let us leave the field to Kai W, perhaps the best YouTuber in the world.



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