Various media players exposed to a new dangerous vulnerability

Some Check Point security specialists have discovered a new and curious way hackers might take control of a machine – these are malicious subtitles.

The vulnerability in question does not depend on the device type and can therefore be used to take control of both smartphones and PCs or Macs.

As announced by the Check Point team, this new threat puts millions of users at risk and exploits malicious subtitles that, once downloaded from the media player, allow you to take control of the device through various vulnerabilities found on multiple platforms (including VLC, Code – XBMC, PopcornTime and

There is currently no attack on the ground but it may only be a matter of days for this to happen. For this reason, the “affected” platforms have already developed remedies to remedy the problem and you can find them by following the related links:

popcorn time
Following is a demonstration of how this system works. Good vision:





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