Things Mobile, the global operator dedicated to the Internet of Things, is born

Once again, Italy is the first mobile operator designed to connect the devices of the Internet of Things (IoT). The idea comes from Manuel Zanella, inventor of ChatSim, the SIM designed to use WhatsApp and the world’s most affordable messaging apps at a low cost.

It will be called Things Mobile and thanks to the partnership with 250 partners in more than 165 countries around the world, it will guarantee maximum coverage and signal quality, with a savings of more than 5% compared to current rates. By 2020, more than 25 billion iP devices connected to the network will be over, and Manuel Zanella was among the first to sniff the deal, proposing a SIM dedicated to this type of apparatuses:

“Things Mobile is born with an important goal: to revolutionize the technology of connected objects making it more intuitive, quick and more profitable. As most devices swap a few KB, at our tariff the devices will have very low connection costs and zero management. It’s been a while since I’ve received requests from our customers to develop a dedicated SIM to effectively and conveniently connect IoT devices. In the market there is a great confusion. The offer of large mobile operators is unclear, unmanageable and generally expensive, with high fixed costs. Stronger than our decade-long telecoms market experience, having connected hundreds of thousands of people worldwide with Zeromobile and ChatSim, our goal today is to connect millions of IoT devices around the planet with Things Mobile at a rate In roaming ever seen before! ”

Things Mobile will offer a competitive rate of 10 cents per MB for most countries around the world. Considering that IoT devices typically exchange a few KB data, it’s easy to understand that management costs will be really low.

The SIM has no initial costs, does not have a fixed charge and automatically connects to the best available mobile network supporting 2G, 3G and 4G / LTE. For more information, visit the official website of Things Mobile.




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