IPhone SE is the most satisfactory smartphone in the US: the size they count

Size does not matter, or perhaps you ! According to the latest survey results American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), in the smartphone industry wins the small , and this baby has a name: Apple iPhone SE.

Small, with a design already seen (and sadly no Android) : this is the device that is in first place in the survey that summarizes user satisfaction Stars and Stripes; in the US thus it seems that many choose and are happy with a smartphone in a compact and usable display easily with one hand, but a question arises: does it still make sense to settle for a compact smartphone but with frames that make even smaller display what could it be?

After all, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 we have shown how it is possible to insert abundant display in a body still on a human being, and the survey relative to 2017 could see major changes at the top of the standings.

After iPhone SE, however, the abundant screens are now taking the second position thanks to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and iPhone 7 Plus (here more than the screen are to be abundant frames, Ed).

What do you think of the results of this survey? But above all, do you think size matters?



This person is lazy, nothing left!

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