Schneider Electric: a new standard of operating excellence with System Platform 2017

Schneider Electric: un nuovo standard di eccellenza operativa con System Platform 2017

Schneider Electric has presented System Platform 2017, the result of Wonderware Innovation: a platform that sets new standards of industrial excellence in the industry. It is a new generation offering, with an easy-to-use interface, improved visualization and navigation features, integrated into the Schneider Electric Industrial Software range; Now it is possible to enhance new and existing solutions with features that digitally connect different aspects of the industrial value chain: design, operation, and asset performance management.

System Platform 2017 offers significant new opportunities for developers and users in this industry-leading platform, which today is used in more than 100,000 sites worldwide, and collects around itself an ecosystem of 4,000 system integrators and implementation partners and 160,000 developers.

For industrial companies to leverage the ever-increasing volume of data from the Internet of Things to get better decision support and closed loop is a real challenge. At the same time, systems based on operating technologies (OTs) that use industrial applications need to be improved in order to have better visibility of their performance and to integrate them effectively with IT applications.

“System Platform 2017 offers a revolutionary way to create industrial applications and reusable content, with a similar approach to today’s development of web pages,” said Norm Thorlakson, Vice President, HMI & Supervisory Software, Industry Business, Schneider Electric. “This design work can now be done virtually with zero need for customization and scripting, and is integrated fluidly with a wide variety of industrial hardware and software. These features enable you to get operational and design excellence without increasing the total cost of ownership. ”

The three key features of System Platform are ease of use, new software usage patterns and convenience. It enables you to gain more value from your investment and adopt flexible implementation models that help industrial companies to scale faster and accelerate the adoption of industrial, cloud, and mobile IET technologies. With this platform, Schneider Electric also brings the EcoStruxure vision into industrial software – offering the applications and analytics capabilities required to implement digital transformation strategies.

In summary, the benefits offered by System Platform, the result of Wonderware innovation, are as follows:

· Easy to build: the only scalable platform created ad hoc for the development of Supervision applications, SCADA, MES and Industrial IoT; Are also provided with best practice “ready to use”.

· Easy to use: a new generation client viewer, with a modern user interface created specifically for optimized graphic rendering and high performance

· Easy to manage: A modular and incremental approach for continuous improvement, providing 100% backward compatibility with previous Wonderware offerings, reducing downtime associated with application maintenance, or changes required for changes in production systems , And reduces TCO,

“As a critical component of EcoStruxure, System Platform 2017 gives businesses the power to effectively address their digital transformation path, becoming more responsive and agile, and investing in their digital infrastructure,” Thorlakson added.




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