Here is the new WhatsApp scam: Your account has no expiration date, do not fall down


A new scam is spinning these days and so much to change whatsapp, the well-known messaging service. Be careful not to fall into the trap and especially to alert your relatives and friends who are unfamiliar with the technology.

The message is what you can see in the image below: this invites the bad guy to renew his WhatsApp account by quoting the price of 0.99 euros, but the purpose of the scam is most likely to steal your data; We have no idea what to do after pushing on the link, but almost certainly the scammer will ask for some sensitive data that will then be able to exploit for illicit purposes.

Be careful and remember that WhatsApp has no deadline and no payment for any subscription has been made for a long time now. Have you received a message like the one above?




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