O2 to the net test: “Results are within our expectations”

Sky Ticket with live football for o2 customersO2 Net test – The results of this year’s Nettesting Foundation have met Telefónica’s expectations. In a statement, the network operator explains that the in-house network can compete with the competitors and is still to be improved.

O2 Netting the Stiftung Warentest

The telecom and Vodafone had the nose in the net test carried out by the Stiftung Warentest, o2 was the backlight. The testers were particularly concerned about the city-country gradient of the grid operator, which showed weaknesses in the areas of telephony and surfing in rural regions. The magazine praised, however, the improvements the network had compared to the test in 2015.

At Telefónica itself one is satisfied with the results. In a statement, o2 states that the results of the test are in line with expectations:

In the current network test of Stiftung Warentest (issue 6/2017), the O2 network has demonstrated that it has a stable quality despite the European large-scale technical project for grid integration and, in particular, in cities with the competition.

O2 network is just behind the competition

Although the O2 network only scored the “satisfactory” rating with a total score of 2.6, the results are only slightly behind the competition. This achieved the grade “good”. Florian Streicher explains: “With a view to the current fundamental transformation of our network, this is a considerable achievement.”

For the comparatively poor performance in the rural regions, the company sees the “ongoing conversion measures on the occasion of the grid integration of O2 and E-Plus”:

The results for voice and data in the country are mainly due to ongoing conversion measures during the grid integration of O2 and E-Plus, which we are currently pushing nationwide with high pressure. We are aware that we have not yet reached the goal here. However, we will conclude the integration of the grid by the end of 2017 in substantial parts. Improvements in network performance will thus directly benefit our customers in the course of the year.

Our extensive LTE expansion, which we are continuing in the course of grid integration, will also have a positive effect. Today we already offer about 80 percent of the population in Germany LTE care. In cities, we even achieve LTE coverage of around 90 percent. In the future, all sites where we are connected to GSM 900 will also receive LTE 800. In the near future, our customers will be able to surf the Internet with Highspeed, where they already use high-quality data services in good quality.

O2 promises network stability and improvements

For the future, o2 intends to “improve the reliability, stability and performance of our new shared network” and initiate additional optimization measures. Compared to the networks of o2 and E-Plus, the common network has “less complexity, more modern technology, more capacity and an optimized structure”.

With all these measures, we are pursuing the clear goal of providing our customers with an even more powerful mobile network for mobile telephony and data use.

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