Blue improves prepaid tariffs – More data volume, but shorter validity

Blue improves prepaid tariffs – As of June 6, 2017, Blau will be offering improved prepaid tariffs . The mobile service provider not only provides higher data volumes, but also charges the tariffs with EU roaming. At the same time blue shortens the run times from one month to 4 weeks.

Blue improves prepaid rates

In the Onlineshop by Blau, from June 6, 2017 revised prepaid rates will be available with improved content. The new features apply to new customers and include all mobile operator tariffs.

In all prepaid rates, including the Blue 9 cent base tariff, EU roaming will be included from 6 June 2017 onwards. Customers can use the conditions valid in Germany without additional costs in other European countries. In the 9 cent rate, each minute abroad costs 9 cents, for example, per megabyte is 24 cents. 10 MB are already included per month.

Blue M with more data volume

The Blau M prepaid tariff also receives a higher volume of data and, starting June 6, 2017, will be waiting for 1 GB instead of the usual 750 MB. The included 300 units for conversation minutes and SMS are also retained, as is the package price of 9.99 euros.

A change also takes blue in the duration of the prepaid tariffs. These are currently valid for one month and from June 6, 2017, the duration for new customers is only four weeks (28 days). The shortened billing is also used by other mobile phone providers, such as Vodafone in the in-house CallYa offer or the Telekom in the MagentaMobil starting tariffs.

At, the innovations will be available from 6 June 2017 onwards.
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