New Balance RunIQ test: Round Smartwatch with GPS for runners

New Balance RunIQ im Test: Runde Smartwatch mit GPS für Läufer

Tl; dr: The New Balance RunIQ goes out of the test as an extremely harmonious sports smartwatch. The outstanding Vitensensoren and the more independent Android Wear 2.0 are clear advantages. But the certain thing is missing: The advertised integration of the social network Strava for athletes is implemented too superficially.

Table of Contents
New Balance RunIQ with Strava integration in the test
With Intel hardware for runners
Tadellose fitness sensors
Harmonious implementation
Battery and runtime

New Balance RunIQ with Strava integration in the test

The now widely diversified Smartwatch market gives manufacturers, apart from the design, hardly any opportunities to stand out from the competition. With the RunIQ, the sports manufacturer New Balance, in cooperation with Intel, nevertheless, tries to interact with the social network Strava for runners.

With Intel hardware for runners

With the Acceleration and Heart Rate Sensor, the New Balance RunIQ is based on standard standard costumes in the wearable segment. The special features can be found in the hardware and the cooperation partner.

The RunIQ is based on a SoC from Intel and the cooperation with the social network Strava for runners is the focus of the watch on exactly this type (hobby) sportsman. However, the clock does not serve as an independent “Strava station”, but rather acts as a counter to the actual service. The detailed analysis takes place only on the coupled device, the smartphone.

Nevertheless, the Strava-Smartwatch-App shows itself very sovereign. Unlike traditional fitness apps like Google Fit on other Android wear watches, it is extremely structured. The most important parameters are immediately apparent. In addition, the clock with the side buttons provides fast access to stop and resume the activity as well as a round counter. By means of an independent GPS module, the watch can also record distances traveled without an existing connection to the smartphone. The start-stop automatic is also extremely positive. Activities are automatically stopped, so that when the traffic lights are stopped, the run is paused and the time and tempo overflow are not included in the rating.

Ans Einmachte however it is only in the actual Strava application on the smartphone. Strava is undoubtedly one of the best tracking apps for running and cycling, although this fact can not be attributed to the New Balance RunIQ since the app is compatible with almost all wearables on the market.

In addition to the analysis, the service highlights in particular the so-called “segment function”. In this case, each athlete can deposit his or her sections or segments (segments). They are saved, given a ranking list and can be followed by other runners or cyclists. In addition, Strava shows contacts that are more frequent on their own route.

Especially on Strava is only the Smartwatch app

As a result, the targeted real-time feature is lost, as Strava broadly only provides the (very good) activity overview app for the RunIQ. On the other hand, if you want to use Strava, the user effectively needs three apps on the smartphone. In addition to the traditional Android Wear app, the New Balance and the Strava App. Just the detour via the New Balance app to link the clock with the Strava App appears unnecessary.

Tadellose fitness sensors

Away from the software, the New Balance RunIQ shows very well in terms of fitness sensors. Both in the step evaluation as well as in the heart rate measurement, the watch is completely convincing and can be adjusted to the predefined reference values, which have been determined with a chest strap (Polar H6), with minimal deviations which can be attributed to the tolerance range.

As in previous tests, the heart rate measurement was performed during three different stress phases. If the measurement dropped by 0.87 percent during the run, the rest phase before the sport and the decay phase were evaluated exactly thereafter. With an average deviation of 0.29 percent, the RunIQ secures a place on the victory podium, which is still lead by the Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen. The clock is subject to a number of counterparties during the step analysis. Nevertheless, the calculated 1,004 of 1,000 counted steps are a very good value.

Harmonious implementation

Regarding the design, the RunIQ behaves. A simple matt black coupled with hour indices on the bezel do not make much visual appearance, but the RunIQ is not to serve as a fashionable chronograph companion but as a sports accessory. From a subjective point of view, the watch has a somewhat too bulky shape on an average wrist with a circumference of about 17.5 centimeters, which is mainly due to the depth of 16 millimeters.

The bracelet is outstanding. After some tested plastic bracelets of other wearables, the perforated bracelet of the RunIQ has done well in almost every respect. It is optically not too simple, does not slip and provides supreme ventilation of the skin. A tiny drop of vermouth: As with many other sports straps, the surface is not absolutely smooth (“soft touch”) and is so dusty relatively fast. By means of a simple spring bar, it can be exchanged for any 22 mm belt. It is also certified as a water seal up to 50 meters depth and does not have to be deposited during the shower; Swimmers should not take them into the water.

SoC comes as with the Fossil Founder Q and the [url = / 2015-11 / tag-heuer-connected-smartwatch-with-sapphire-glass-and-titangehaeuse-for-1,350-euro /] TAG H


Intel New Balance RunIQ
OS: Android Wear
Compatibility: Android, iOS
Display: 1,39 Zoll, rund
400 × 400 Pixel
286 ppi
Service: Touch, language, buttons
SoC / SiP: Intel, Atom Z34XX
1,6 GHz, 2 cores
22 nm, 64-Bit
RAM: 512 MB
Storage: 4,00 GB
connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
802.11 b/g/n
mobile Communications:
sensors: accelerometer
heart rate
Other Standards: GPS
Battery pack: 410 mAh
Firmly installed
Casing: 47,0 × 52,0 × 16,0 mm
75 g
Waterproof, IP68
Stainless steel, plastic
Armband: changeable
Width 22.0 mm
Price: 375 €

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