Garmin Virb 360: 4K, AR, 360 degrees

Garmin stuffs its new VR and 360-degree camera full with functions: The Virb 360 can record videos with 5.7K and 30 FPS, there is a spherical image stabilization in 4K. Furthermore, the Virb 360 has four built-in microphones and uses GPS for augmented-reality overlays of the images. Of course, it is waterproof and keeps high temperatures out, swallows up to 128 gigabytes of microSD cards and can be wireless, Bluetooth and NFC:

All these functions one notices the camera less at the size than the price at: 800 dollar costs the device, it should come to the market in Germany, probably around 800 euros.

Easier than the purchase decision should be the control of the camera: Directly detach the camera with a simple button. If you want to have it more complex, you need to open a mobile or desktop app. In the vicinity of a W-lan, the camera streams adventures of an extreme life directly into the net, where these are then gently pushed away by friends.

A drought drought, however, should be the accumulation time: An hour of video, then is the end.

Advertising video only in Portuguese, so far:



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