Chonocom: Onlineshop offers tariffs again

Chonocom Onlineshop – The online shop Chonocom, which has already been active in 2014, has resumed its work and is now offering mobile, DSL and fixed-network tariffs. The previous offers did not make a good impression and seemed rather dubious. The current Internet presence looks much more serious.

Chonocom Onlineshop again active

The online shop was already active in 2014 and offered prospective customers various DSL and fixed tariffs as well as mobile radiotelephones. However, the shop at the time did not make a particularly serious impression and looked together. We advised of an order, it was quiet around Chonocom.

Now the Onlineshop has resumed its work and also updated the website. In addition to various mobile phone tariffs, various fixed and internet telephones as well as offers for television, mobile phones and the like are available. Also a category “without Schufa” is represented.


Chonocom Titanic rates

The already known Titanic tariffs in the mobile radio area are again available. On which networks these accesses is not quite clear in the Onlineshop. Apparently it is the net of o2 – this is also the reference to the homepage of the Chono Group that “the entire offer was migrated to the o2 network“. In 2014 the Titanic tariffs applied to Telekom’s mobile network.

The Titanic tariffs are priced in the discounter area. For an Allnet and SMS Flat including 500 MB of data volume and LTE, Chonocom charges barely 10 euros a month. Including 1.5 GB volume, it is around 15 euros. Similar prices can also be found in the Drillisch brands.

Chonocom leaves a strong impression

Although the web presence has become significantly more serious, the reboot of the on-line shop leaves a mixed impression. Although the mobile phone tariffs correspond to the market, there is a lack of further information, such as the network and the provider through which the tariffs are processed. Experiences and reviews are not yet available, but for a (again) new shop, this is not necessarily unusual.

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