Hardlight VR Suit: a haptic return vest to improve immersion in virtual reality

Virtual Reality relies on immersion of the player, by definition. You can go even further with Hardlight VR Suit, a jacket supposed to give you even more the impression of penetrating into a virtual universe.

Do you take bullets for fake

This jacket developed by NullSpace is a project launched on Kickstarter which starts from a simple principle: to make you feel on the body what happens in play. It has 16 plates spread all over the upper body with a haptic return.

Using the Oculus and Vive devices, the jacket is able to know which area of your body is touched by a virtual projectile in order to make it vibrate. No, there is nothing very wicked, just vibrations.

To make it work, you must plug the jacket into your PC via a USB cable, so you can not jump anywhere. The jacket is currently compatible with a dozen games (but no major titles) but NullSpace will make its product Open Source for developers. Last important point, it is adjustable. This should reassure you if you have a little brioche.


The Hardlight VR Suit jacket project was put on Kickstarter. And its creators have seduced the crowds since they already raised $ 66,000 out of the 80,000 requested. There are still 27 days to complete the sum, so the project has every chance of success.



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