USB Killer: version 3 of this USB key “kills” the iPhone

Do not slide any USB stick into your PC! The risks of software infections are great … as is a more important problem: that of toasting your computer equipment.

The USB Killer is a USB stick that, under its innocuous appearance, actually hides a real computer killer! Once connected to a PC, this key sends a strong electric shock that simply shakes the machine. A very bad joke therefore, exploiting a well known USB fault but which is almost never corrected by the manufacturers.

Except for Apple for its Macs, which are therefore immune to this ugly key. But this is not the case with the iPhone … Version 3 of the USB Killer knows how to knock out an iPhone or an iPad, like the PC! To accomplish this “exploit”, the joker must however be equipped with a Lightning adapter, marketed by the manufacturer of the key.

The iPhone succumbs to the USB Killer

Version 3 is 1.5 times more powerful than the previous generation. It delivers 8 to 12 charges per second, which is three times faster than the v2. Finally, this new key is twice as resistant to devices that would try to destroy it.

There is also an “anonymous” edition so as not to be noticed – and to trick the victims even more easily. In other words, this device must not end up in any hands … It is intended for security experts and do-it-yourselfers who know what they are doing.

Several versions are available, from 49.95 euros.




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