Sony Xperia Touch: A projector that turns your table into a touch screen .. At 1500 €

The MWC is not just mobile, and some manufacturers are taking advantage of it to present some new features. This is the case of Sony and its Xperia Touch.

This is not the first time Sony has shown us this strange little projector, and the MWC is no exception. Now called Xperia Touch, this device allows you to project a work surface on a table or wall. The whole is made tactile thanks to different infrared sensors, which allows to be able to work directly on many surfaces.

Interesting possibilities

As you can see, the home screen of this SXRD (and not laser) projector allows you to view the weather, search, view your calendar or even written or video memos. It will be perfectly possible to visit sites like YouTube and even use chat services instantly.

The Google Play Store integration allows you to benefit from the full Android application catalog. It benefits from a interface signed by Sony, which offers native options and games for the youngest.

Available as of spring 2017 exclusively at Orange, the box costs alas the sum of 1500 euros. A tariff that will cool more than one even though the basic idea is actually interesting.




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