Titan Note: A voice recorder that promises a lot. Too much ?

The devices for recording and retranscribing a dialogue or a speech are not new, but the promise of Titan Note seems almost too good.

Titan Note is an Indiegogo project that has enough to make students and journalists dream. The promise is simple, just place that small cylinder on your table during a course or an interview so that the latter records and transcribes to your smartphone what is being said. This would make it possible to focus on discourse rather than on notes. The presentation video also shows that it can distinguish several voices.

But that’s not all, the Titan Note can also be used to recharge your smartphone, or even to listen to your music via the speakers. One can of course doubt the overall effectiveness of the project, which promises options that even Amazon’s Echo (which has seven microphones) can not handle. All this thanks to an object whose dimensions are those of a pencil sharpener.

We are also skeptical about the fluidity with which the transcription takes place. It can be seen that the apparatus operates in amphitheatres, but it is not known if this is the case in a noisy environment. You will have understood, it will be necessary to test the object to realize its true effectiveness.

The project nevertheless seems to convince people that the creators have already collected more than half of their initial application ($ 35,000).



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