Would you wear cat ears to correct your bad posture?

Any physiotherapist will tell you, we do not laugh with his posture (especially in front of a screen). Poor posture can be responsible for back pain, but also prevent breathing deeply. It is here that Neko Electro’s cat ears come on stage.

You can not see the bankers using them in meetings (it’s hard to see most people using them in their workplace, in fact), but it’s a shame, because these chat ears a little special could help their owner to correct a bad posture. Presented at the South by Southwest (where everything is decidedly presented), the Neko Electro gadget uses a 6-axis accelerometer and a gyroscope to interpret your movements and indicate whether or not you stand straight. If you do not stand upright, the ears will rise and the device will vibrate, as you can see in this video.


Stand straight

The Neko Electro gadget is not yet commercialized, but it is not the first technological device to be interested in your position. Applications like Nekoze, for example, use the computer’s webcam to monitor your posture.



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