Connected Modular 45: Tag Heuer presents its new “modular” connected watch at 1600 euros

As promised, the Swiss watch manufacturer Tag Heuer presented its new watch connected Android Wear yesterday, the Connected Modular 45. A very high-end smartwatch, of course, with a very neat design and whose main feature is the huge panoply of Personalization accessories made available to the buyer.

After a successful first foray into the world of watches connected with the Connected, released in 2015, Tag Heuer unveiled yesterday its new model of smartwatch, the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45. Like its large Sister, the Connected Modular 45 is a very high-end watch with a very high sales price. Count 1600 euros for the basic version, which includes a main “module” as well as a rubber strap and basic finishes.

The first Android Wear watch “Swiss Made”

For if Tag Heuer speaks of “modular” watch, it is because it can be personalized very thoroughly, provided of course to put the price. The Tag Heuer website already gives a first idea of the degree of personalization of watches: four types of materials for the bracelets, four types of materials for the legs (including a diamond finish at 2700 dollars) and especially the possibility To choose an electronic module (the Android Wear watch) or mechanical (a Tag Heuer Caliber 5). It is even possible to choose the color of the crown to associate it with that of the bracelet.

The Tag Heuer website allows you to personalize your watch.



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