Victims of a connected spy vibrator compensated by justice

The Canadian company Standard Innovation was ordered to pay 3 million to its customers for failing to mention that it was collecting personal data through the device and the dedicated application. Data will also remove it.

There are objects that are not connected imagine, yet. Standard Innovation manufactures this type of objects, specifically online sex toy, We-Vibe. With distance relationships or just two games, the connected aspect may have an interest. In short, why not.

Last September, a customer makes a complaint against the company with the Court of Illinois, it complains that the Canadian company of failing to inform its user of a collection of any personal data.

A secret and very personal collection

A month earlier, in Def Con in Las Vegas, two security researchers, known as the “followr” and “gOldfisk” have indeed established that these devices were able to collect real time information about the habits User client: device temperature and intensity of the vibrations in particular.

Standard Innovation had tried to replicate explaining why such a collection (if the client uses the vibrations still up, it may mean that the sex toy was not enough intensity), while ensuring anonymize data. Alas, not only the argument did not fly, but he was out shortly after the company associated email client address with the transferred data. For confidentiality could use some work.

A class action for $ 3 million

What was then a single complaint has quickly turned into a class action , class action in the language of Molière. At the end of the trial, Standard Innovation is committed to remove all personal data collected through the device and never to collect in your mobile application. In addition, the firm will have to compensate his victims to the tune of 3 million, about 2.8 million euros, to be divided by the number of complainants. Anyone who purchased a sex toy before the filing of the first complaint, in September 2016, hoped to receive up to 10,000 dollars (6,800 euros) in damages. Those that purchased and used in offline mode will settle for 199 dollars (140 euros).

”  We are pleased to have reached a fair and reasonable agreement in this matter “, said Standard Innovation magazine Fortune . The company also claims to have revised its application, including to provide ”  more choice to customers about the data they wish to share “.



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