Deutsche Telekom and ZEISS want to forget Google Glass

Following the discontinuation of the commercialization of “Google Glass“, which was considered too conspicuous, the glassmaker ZEISS has already worked on a solution aimed at maximum discretion. It is a smart glass prototype based on the principle of a Fresnel lens. Unlike Google’s connected goggles, information is not projected onto the surface of the glass but diffused by reflection, via an almost invisible prism system. Its particularity: the constraints of energy or lighting are limited and the equipment is less heavy.

The glasses market connected to the relaunch

It was at the MWC in February that Deutsche Telekom and ZEISS have formalized their future collaboration in this field of intelligent glasses. The two giants hope to create comfortable and easy-to-use smart goggles. The latter will be equipped with the famous ZEISS glasses that will not only fit into fashionable frames but will also provide access to useful data for both domestic and professional use. Deutsche Telekom will provide the technology for network connection and is currently working on solutions to integrate the 5G smartphones as a technical basis for these future smart goggles.

The next step will be to develop the different fields of applications. To achieve this goal, efforts are still needed in many areas: hardware, software, displays, user interface and connectivity. Case to follow.



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