[Kickstarter] And why not a radiator for your gamer fingers?

The world of gaming is full of gadgets of all kinds, but who could have believed that a finger-warmer would enthuse so many people?

There are many ways to justify his bad performances in a game. Problems of lag, failing keyboard, etc … But it seems that our Scandinavian friends often find themselves with frozen fingers. It is true that it is one of the parts of the body most sensitive to the cold. This is why two Danish people concerned by the problem decided to develop the Envavo HeatBuff.

As indicated on his Kickstarter page, the device is aimed at players and office workers. Through waves of infrared radiation, your hands will reach the seemingly ideal temperature of 33 degrees in just two minutes.

All without making a sound and safely. Envavo even specifies that the Heatbuff is designed not to warm the keys on your keyboard. The project seems to have had some success since it has already raised 30,000 euros when about 10,000 euros was requested. If you are interested, it will cost you about 68 euros without postage.

You will understand, they are not going to attack the Brazilian market right away, but the chilly gamers might well see a nice alternative to the mittens.



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