The Monopoly offers three new tokens, including a T-rex!

We talked about this last January, Hasbro proposed to the Internet users to vote to determine which would be the new pieces of the Monopoly among 56 proposals divided in 8 categories. The pieces retained have recently been revealed.

Starting this fall, you will discover in the new editions of the game: a T-rex, a plastic duck and a penguin.

Voted by more than 4 million fans!

Among the sixty figures proposed were a bath, a thong, a jet-ski, sunglasses, a computer or even emojis, but the T-rex, the plastic duck and the penguin won the heart players. These three new pieces will therefore replace the thimble, the shoe and the wheelbarrow. A small facelift that should rejuvenate the famous board game imagined by Elizabeth Maggie and Charles Darrow in 1935.

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