This calendar in e-paper synchronizes with your smartphone (and is beautiful)

In the framework of the Japanese Google’s Android Experiments program, in which the participants propose many concepts of gadgets compatible with Android, the designer Kosho Tsuboi realized a accessory as cool as essential: the Magic Calendar.

The principle is very simple. This is an e-paper calendar that, using a dedicated Android app, synchronizes with your smartphone to display your schedule. In the presentation video, we can see that the Magic Calendar relies on Google Calendar for synchronization.

As for the rest of the features, we do not know more, especially since the official site is entirely in Japanese (language that your humble servant does not speak unfortunately). Only certainty, this gadget looks damn cool, and it is already dreaming several members of the editorial staff.

At present, the Magic Calendar is still only a project. That said, he was selected by the program to enter the development phase.



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