This fully Lego camera is probably the cutest creation of this early in the year

Devices in Lego, there are in heaps: a bat, a star of death and even a futuristic motorcycle. But we had never seen a camera before. This is now the case with the Lego Instant Camera.

Albertino is passionate about photography and as inventive as patient. For several months he has been working on a dual-lens reflex camera (or TLR for “twin-lens reflex”) designed almost entirely in Lego. Do not misunderstand, however, all that concerns the taking of photograph by itself – the objectives in particular – are not in Lego. But all the rest of the structure is.

In an interview with, Albertino explains that only the lenses and the ejection system of the photo are “real” camera parts. For the rest, the architecture of the case is entirely made of Lego bricks. He also pushed the vice up to integrate small secret chambers in his case to take out the picture or to preview the future shot. Add some Lego figures here and there, some propellers to make pretty and you hold the invention in the cutest Lego of the year.



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