Sobro: the connected coffee table with integrated fridge

Looking for funding on Indiegogo, SoBro may find its place in the heart of your living room with its multiple functions.

With a refrigerated drawer that holds thirty cans, a Bluetooth speaker system 90 dB can be connected to your TV, 2 USB ports along with 2 sockets and a LED lighting system 7 colors, this coffee table is enough to animate your evenings with friends.

The project has already raised more than 735,000 dollars on 50,000 requested. This coffee table designed for a connected lifestyle has already attracted many buyers.

cool drinks at hand

SoBro keeps beverages and refrigerated foods always at hand. The temperature generated by a compressor can be controlled simply by using the touch buttons arranged on the tempered glass shelf.

Available from $ 649, the first models are for now exclusively for the Canadian and US markets. Its designers hope of course to future export in our country.



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