Delft Hyperloop: a future car to travel by tube

The Hyperloop is a concept born from the desire of Elon Musk to create a transport that is faster, more durable, safe and reliable. Its objective is to transport passengers and goods at speeds of 1,200 km / h in tubes subjected to very low atmospheric pressure, which would help to make transport less energy intensive and more efficient than the train or plane .

DHL supports a revolutionary project that explores the future of transportation. The “Delft Hyperloop” is a capsule developed by the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft – The Netherlands) for the rapid transport of passengers and goods by tubes. She was recently transported to California for her first tests in the “Hyperloop Pod Competition” contest organized by Elon Musk. At the end of January, the team of students supported by DHL won the Space X competition, which aims to encourage the development of tube transport.

“Delft Hyperloop” winner of Space X’s “Hyperloop Pod Competition” contest

The capsules presented during the competition are prototypes in the form of half-shells. Therefore, they can not yet accommodate passengers. Composed of lightweight and resistant carbon fiber, the Delft capsule weighs only 149 kg and is approximately 4.5 m long and 1 m high. The prototype can reach a speed of 400 km / h on the 1.6 km test track built next to SpaceX headquarters in California. In longer tubes, the Delft prototype can reach 1,200 km / h. The Delft team bears the colors of the Netherlands against other international competitors, including the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The MIT team won the initial design phase of the competition in January, just ahead of the Delft Hyperloop, which won the prestigious “Pod Innovation Award” and was internationally hailed for its innovative design.

In addition to physical transport, DHL also contributed to the feasibility of the concept and the selection of an economic model. The large-scale application of technology for passenger and freight transport is an important factor in the economic viability of Hyperloop. DHL provided the project team with adequate proprietary data on the use of energy and the environmental impact of air and road transport in order to best support it in its efforts to compare the performance of Hyperloop with the existing modes of transport, as well as to develop a business case for technology.



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