Gameloft arrives on Android

While the HTC Magic will soon arrive on the side of SFR and the G1 on the side of Orange (it is not yet officialized), Gameloft , famous publisher of mobile games just announced its arrival on Android Market . Obviously now with the possibility to sell on the mobile market of Google , Gameloft is not going to deprive itself and announces therefore no less than 20 games to come like Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009, Million Dollar Poker feat. Gus Hansen and The Experts: Miami.

“The future is digital distribution. With this in mind, Android Market offers consumers new ways to find, buy and download games, “explains Gonzague de Vallois , Vice President Publishing of Gameloft. “We believe in the potential of Android Market, both in terms of content and accessibility. We will continue to support this platform by all possible means. ”

So, there’s more to wait 😉




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