We visited The Art of DC, the exhibition of superheroes, at the Art Ludique Museum

There are three years the Fun Art Museum hosted an exhibition helpful in the universe developed by Marvel. In 2017, it was the turn of DC heroes to put their cloaks in the halls of the museum. The Art of DC, Dawn of Super-Heroes is an exhibition organized by the Museum in partnership with Warner Bros. which includes 200 original plates and 300 various works to discover. Its strong point? Speaking both laymen and aficionados.

Batman v Superman Wonder Woman v v All other

Everyone knows the DC characters, if only the trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. It is on this premise that share exposure by pushing the visitors to learn about the history, sometimes complicated of these iconic characters. Characters which in scale, it marked the twentieth century, helping to create a modern mythology.

After a quick introduction to the DC universe, the exhibition is divided into several parts (five to be exact), each dedicated to a theme or particular character. Each part is proportional to the aura of the character. So, Superman and Batman fly above some kind of star to all the others, in a setting that transcribes well enough evolution and especially the environment in which they operate.

The exhibition serves us some treasures



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