Patent dispute: agreement between Nokia and Apple with cooperation

Patent dispute: agreement between Nokia and Apple with cooperation

Apple and Nokia have announced an agreement in patent dispute between the two companies. As a result of the agreement, the companies strengthen their cooperation at the economic level, in addition Nokia will receive multiple payments from Apple.

Several payments for Nokia

In addition to an unspecified described License Patent Nokia will receive a one-time upfront payment of Apple. In addition, the manufacturer from Cupertino will pay more fees for the validity period of the agreement. Financial details have not been announced but the companies. From the second quarter of 2017, the funds will be included in Nokia’s numbers. In addition, Apple Connected Health products from Nokia, formerly under Withings is firmierend offering in its stores, it had taken the manufacturer after the action from the stock.

Network infrastructure for Apple

In return, Nokia Apple supplied with network infrastructure and matching service. To the newly formed partnership profitably expand and in the future for both sides continue, is in charge of the two companies will meet regularly. In the area of ​​health, the companies want to consider a collaboration. Apple should plan including a blood glucose sensor for the next watch, Nokia offers several networked health products primarily through the purchase of Withings.

Not the first patent dispute between the two

The patent dispute between Nokia and Apple started late last year with lawsuits in Germany and the USA. Nokia accused of violations of 32 patents by Apple’s own products. After a dispute of 2009, the company in 2011 agreed to a licensing agreement.



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