German company E-volo presents its flying taxi

Let it be said: the flying cars do not exist and they will never exist. The projects of flying cars of Boeing, Airbus or even Uber consist in designing machines closer to the helicopter than to the car. This is also the case of the vehicle presented by the German company E-volo.

Flying Taxi

E-volo has already worked on a similar device in the past. Today, it presents its new flying vehicle: the 2X. A two-seat helicopter equipped with 18 rotors to transport people safely.

Presented at the Air Show in Friedrichshafen (Germany), the 2X is a flying vehicle pushed by nine lithium-ion batteries that recharge in two hours. Once completed, he can make trips within a radius of 27 kilometers at a cruising speed of 50 kilometers per hour (100 max).

E-volo intends to commercialize its product and plans to be marketed by 2018 for a flying taxi service. If the machine can be controlled remotely by an operator, it will be driven directly in the first place because of the regulation, which means that it can carry only one person at launch.

In any case, the machine is promising. All that remains is to see him in action. The flying taxi, the future of transport?



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