This plane arrives to fly with KFC buckets, and it is fascinating

After receiving a fire- split hexapod robot with Thomas the Train , Peter Sripol returns with a new, original creation: an airplane whose wings are KFC buckets.

Certainly, Peter Sripol does not shrink from any challenge. From his brain (which some would call sick) came out robots all stranger than the others. The flamethrow hexapod Thomas The Train is just one example of the ingenuity – and the bit of madness, let’s be honest – that characterizes this mechanical enthusiast. His latest concept? A remote controlled aircraft with KFC buckets in place of the wings. Yes, yes, seals, which come from KFC. And that serve to store chicken wings.

And the best thing in history is that its concept works. To make fly his plane out of the ordinary, the videographer biclass√© mechanic relies on the effect Magnus. It is a scientific phenomenon, discovered by Heinrich Gutsav Magnus, which serves to explain in particular the effects given to a ball, such as the lift to tennis. Thus, the force deployed by the rotation of the KFC buckets is enough to keep the aircraft in the air. Then he is far from equaling the patrol of France, but he manages to fly … Or at least to fall with panache (to quote a great spationaute).



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