Free 15 Actionstarif including Samsung Galaxy J3

O2 Free 15 including smartphone – The action star o2 Free 15 is available in the online shop of o2 together with the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016). The bundle consisting of smartphone and tariff is available for a computationally 29.99 Euro per month.

O2 Free action rate

In the Onlineshop of o2 the o2 Free 15 Aktionstifif can be booked. Interested parties can order the Jubiläumstif together with the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) and pay for the bundle computationally 29.99 euro per month.

The tariff offers a voice and SMS flat rate in all German networks, an EU foreign flat and a mobile data sheet with 15 GB volume and maximum LTE speeds of up to 225 Mbps. After reaching the volume limit, the data rate is throttled to a moderate 1 Mbit / s via UMTS and HSDPA. In addition, up to six months of Sky Ticket are included in the price.

O2 Free 15 with Samsung Smartphone

The bundle consisting of o2 Free 15 and Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) costs 24.99 euros per month in the first year, in the second year 34.99 euros per month. A monthly package price of 29.99 euros is calculated. This amount charges o2 for the Simonly variant of the tariff, the smartphone is computationally available without monthly additional costs. The one-time purchase price is 1 Euro.

The Samsung smartphone is realized via the o2 My Handy Financing and billed separately. The installment payment ends automatically after 24 months and payment of the last installment and does not have to be terminated separately. If there is no termination for the tariff, this is extended by another year and will cost 29.99 euros as of the 25th month.

At the tariff including Galaxy J3 can be booked immediately.
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