Free Mobile: How much data do subscribers consume on average?

Data consumption is increasing in France, and operators have therefore had to take steps to offer more data. What about Free users?

If 50 GB packages of data are common today, Free was the first to offer unlimited 4G for its Freebox subscribers. A decision that seems to have pushed the competitors to make an effort.

The operator has just revealed the average consumption of its subscribers in the first quarter of 2017, running from 1 January to 31 March. They learn that they consume on average 6 GB per month of data in 4G. It should nevertheless be noted that the “unlimited” effect can not yet be taken into account given that the offer in question dated as of April 21st.

Numbers rising, rising …

This figure is of course related to the intrinsic quality of the network. Even though the network has been “rewarded with the best nPerf score for 4G connections for the 8th consecutive quarter” as the operator says, it is hard to imagine that it is more difficult to use in remote locations.

This remains despite a 20% increase since last quarter. We can therefore expect consumption to continue to climb in the coming months. And given the records of some, we dare not even imagine our average envelope in a few years!



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