Smart Police: Dubai puts first Robocop in service

The Gulf of Dubai is bursting into the science fiction future, which is also reflected in the administration, for example with the Smart Services Department of the police, whose chief Brigadier Khalid Nasserl Al Razouqi has just presented the first Robocop , which is still in service this month And should follow the countless bot colleagues, in any case robots should put a quarter of the police forces of Dubai by 2030. However, there are no spectacular robotic chase events to be expected, the sheet metal players are supposed to take their human colleagues rather annoying paperwork, for example, by receiving complaints or ads. The first Robocop Dubais is the humanoid REEM of the Dutch company PAL Robotics,



Our attitude is to provide information for science and technology to prepare reports, and can not like "Nowara Shnnosuke" joking life!

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