SaaS: what future is reserved for the ICT channel?

SaaS: quale futuro è riservato al canale ICT?

Today, industry itself, ICT has a major impact on world economies, politics and culture and is undoubtedly a global growth sector. With the constant development of new solutions and platforms, new SaaS solution providers enter the market daily by monetizing the progressive development of products that improve and make ICT more enjoyable for end users.

With the advent of the cloud and the proliferation of services delivered via SaaS via platforms hosted and accessible over the Internet, it is understandable that dealers and distributors are concerned about their relevance in the marketing of SaaS products, which, as a rule, Require very little hardware, minimize logistical and operational costs, and can simply be “downloaded” from the web. In this scenario, it is logical to ask what future is reserved for the ICT channel.

No doubts: Essential channel

3CX, a well-known provider of software-based solutions for next-generation telecommunications, has always worked with an indirect trading model. The many years of field-proven experience show that combining a SaaS product from competitive price and a rewarding commercial deal is the key to channel success, in a sector that is constantly evolving in ICT. The relationships between the producer and the trading partners benefit from the growth of the ICT market: by acting as “multipliers” on the territory, distributors and retailers are in a position to offer pre- and post-sales assistance and expand their margins with value-added services around A next-generation plug & play solution for reliability and versatility, such as the 3CX UC platform. On the other hand, the manufacturer is confident that his users will enjoy service delivery through competent partners, a company he could never afford alone. A symbiotic relationship emerges, which – in the case of 3CX – is very balanced and profitable for the channel.

Shared skills: the foundation of innovation

Thanks to strong partnerships around the world, 3CX acquires expertise both in the specificity of the market in a given geographic area and in the needs of users, as it shares with partners in innovation, so that they They can open up to new markets diversifying from a territorial point of view.

An example of this is the development of the 3CX PBX Express solution: With the growing adoption of hosting services by companies, 3CX felt it would be appropriate for its partners to benefit from a growing market. With PBX Express, 3CX partners have a tool to install customers’ UC platform on their cloud account within minutes, simplifying the proposal for UC solutions hosted by a cloud service provider of their own choice or on the servers of the reseller itself . The innovation for which 3CX has received numerous awards does not, however, concern only the products.

A partner program out of the ordinary

With its 3CX Partner Program, it qualifies and rewards its retailers by offering them access to free training and free certification exams, up-to-date information material, marketing tools and leads, in order to promote the business of distributors and retailers on their respective Reference market, but that’s not all. 3CX partners literally acquire points for each single project that is generated. The transition to a superior partnership level depends, therefore, on both the certification obtained and the number of points obtained by the partner. The point system rewards 3CX certified partners who show loyalty to the brand through recurring sales. However, it does not reflect solely the business turnover but, above all, the effort and commitment shown by the partner, it also offers smaller companies the opportunity to access higher levels of partnerships with its benefits.

Distributed in five levels, Affiliate, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, the 3CX Partner Program assures benefits and margins superior to each new level achieved. The 100% channel company, 3CX sells its products only through its own commercial network and therefore never compete with its retailers, a strategy that secured 3CX growth of 40% year on year.



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