Nokia and Apple are contesting their patent dispute

Apple Store

Apple is involved in several lawsuits for the legal licensing of patents. One of the major conflicts has now been settled, the company reported by press release: A multi-year contract now regulates the use of Nokia’s intellectual property by Apple.

Nokia will continue to provide Apple with certain network infrastructure products and services, while Apple will continue to run digital health products from Nokia (formerly under the Byings brand) in its stores and online stores “Regular meetings between top executives at Apple and Nokia should ensure that this relationship works effectively and benefits both parties and their customers.”

Details of the agreement remain secret. But Apple confirmed that Nokia will receive a deposit from Apple and further payments during the contract period. The money would partly be billed by Nokia Technologies and other Nokia business units.

At the end of last year Nokia complained in Germany and the USA against Apple. Specifically, the lawsuit filed in Texas, Dusseldorf, Munich and Mannheim has 32 patents – from display technology to user interface, software, antennas and chips to video encoding. The complaint was said to be filed in other countries as well. The opinion did not mention this.



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